100% Polyster Draw Texturized Yarn 420D/1


Produced by using selected textuerd polyester filament,its textuerd character ensures a high covering of the fabric edges for cover stitch seams and a neat and even seam character.It is the best choice for garment over-edging.

Main specification >>

NE100/1, NE150D/1, NE200D/1, NE300D/1
by Non-twisted and Twisted

Advantages >>

The textured filaments give the thread a soft
handle, good bulk, high extensibility and
make it especially suitable for overlocking or
as a seam cover looper thread.

Applications >>

Under-stockinet seams;
Children' clothes;
Sport's and leisure's wear;
Sewing of the elastic fabrics;
Overlocking seams;
Cut edges‘ overlocking, fine and average thickness
fabrics’ (cotton, viscose, other synthetic and blended
fabrics) overlocking.