With the latest spinning technology to spin the polyester staples to be wrapped on by continuous polyester filament.The polyester core provides strength and stretch while the cotton outer later gives easier sewability. We use advanced process techniques and provide for you thread of supereminent quality of being more easily sewed and used for wider range of application.

Main specification >>

NE55/2(Ticket 150), NE45s/2 (Ticket
120),NE 40/2 (Ticket 100),NE28/2 (Ticket
75),NE20/2 (Ticket 50) NE20/3(Ticket 40),
20s/4 (Ticket 30) and so on

Outstanding features >>

Super high tenacity with cotton feeling
Super low elongation
Excellent anti-static effect & better than poly/poly
Unique featuer of no break knots.