With the latest spinning technology to spin the polyester staples to be wrapped on by continuous polyester filament,to meet the needs of both super-fast sewing machine and the demand of super high strength of the seam. It has taken the advantage of high tenacity from polyester filament and low elongation from polyester staple,both of these enhance the super all-round sewing performance for the sewing thread.

Main specification >>

NE55/2(Ticket 150), NE45s/2 (Ticket
120),NE 40/2 (Ticket 100),NE28/2 (Ticket
75),NE20/2 (Ticket 50) NE20/3(Ticket 40),
20s/4 (Ticket 30) and so on

Applications >>

Average thickness fabrics' seams;
Outer ladies', men', children' clothes;
House - hold textile;
Linings', knitted fabrics' stitching;
Overlocking of the button - holes;
Trimming seams.

Advantages >>

This construction gives maximum tenacity in
the threads and very good sewing on every machine
Core spun thread is ideal for delicate
garments as well as jeans and work wear.